For Public use

ROKOAT Polywsh has been formulated to clean all surfaces leaving a streak free finish and an ultra-fine layer of Ceramic Natural Polymer which is invisible to the naked eye.  Specifically formulated we recommend that this product is used to clean and maintain any ROKOAT coating enhancing the longevity of all our products.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • ECO Friendly – Causes no harm to marine life
  • Leaves an invisible additional ceramic natural polymer film on the surface it is applied to
  • Leaves surfaces streak free
  • Leaves a brilliant shine
  • Enhances the finish on surfaces such as gel coat, paint, stainless steel, varnish and many more.
  • This is a PH neutral product.

Directions for Use:

1. Rinse the surface thoroughly before applying Polywash
2. Mix 50 ml of Rokoat Polywash with 4 litres of water
3. Wash a small section of the wet surface using a soft non-abrasive brush, sponge or wash mitt and rinse off BEFORE the product dries
4. Proceed to the next section rinsing, washing and rinsing again
5. After the final rinse the surface can be dried off using a chamois, though this is usually not necessary
PLEASE NOTE: Should water spots appear, we recommend using a water filter or water softener.You may also repeat the above process with an extra rinsing to remove the water spots.