Approved for Professional application only

Our bespoke hydrophobic insulation coating is epoxy-ceramic base, impervious to extreme temperatures and water providing unrivalled insulation. We have also incorporated an anti-corrosion ingredient.

Our product has up to 68% sound reduction based on independent tests. Our product can be applied directly to metal, PVC, wood, concrete, virtually any surface.

Features & Benefits

  • All in one coating with insulation properties against extreme temperatures, moisture and sound waves
  • At 254 microns (0.25mm) thickness
  • The K value is 0.002 or equivalent R value of 30
  • This coating retains its flexibility in sub-zero conditions (down to -77 degrees C)
  • Impermeable to most chemicals, salt water, UV and extreme weather
  • leaves a smooth finish, no top coat required
  • Typical applications include bilges, engine rooms, roofs, metal buildings, basements and concrete walls
  • VOC free – it contains NO LEAD, NO ZINC AND NO CHROMATES
  • When applied to a surface – for instance a building’s exterior wall it provides protection again flood damage, the surface becomes hydrophobic so no moisture can penetrate the coating.