Approved for Professional application only

ROKOAT Pro TechShield is a unique, high performance anti-corrosion protective coating. An epoxy resin polyamide coating which has been specially developed to withstand the most extreme corrosive and abrasive conditions which quickly destroy conventional protective paint coatings. This product has been in constant use for over 40 years in applications as diverse as offshore platforms to underground railways.

ROKOAT Pro TechShield is designed to adhere to almost any clean surface including: aluminium, wood, all types of metal, concrete, plastic, brick,  glass and rubber. ROKOAT Pro TechShield is weather, UV, chemical, salt and abrasion resistant which, once applied , gives you an almost indestructible finish to your surface

Features & Benefits:

  • Formulated for use on submerged surfaces (we recommend a top coat of ROKOAT Pro RPX3000 which will enhance the overall durability and longevity of the finish)
  • UV, weather, chemical, salt and abrasion resistant
  • Can be applied to almost any clean surface including; aluminium, wood, metals of all types, plastic, brick, glass and rubber.
  • Eco friendly – Contains no zinc, lead or chromates

Typical applications: Marine environments, structural steel, welding repairs, scaffolding, automotive industry, truck beds, tanks, pipes, industrial and farm equipment, lawn mowers, snow ploughs, air conditioner parts, concrete floors and walls, stairs, steps, railings, walls and ceilings of subways and any other metal surface.