Rokoat WoodGuard is an easy to apply coating that nourishes and protects all kinds of interior & exterior woods and timbers.

With its revolutionary formula that penetrates deep into timber leaving an impermeable and highly hydrophobic protective layer, Rokoat WoodGuard is a revolutionary coating protecting timber surfaces from sun damage, UV, rain, ice, salt water & oils including suntan lotion, plus it contains Rokoat’s Anti-Microbial Agent which mechanically stops viruses, bacteria and fungi colonizing on the surface. Rokoat WoodGuard leaves a natural wet look finish to the surface it is applied to and will provide years of quality protection.

Rokoat WoodGuard will not affect calking and other polyurethane sealants. With extra-ordinary coverage (1L will cover over 40 sq metres), use simply and easily on teak decks, furniture, bars and frameworks.

Timber Decking | Outdoor Furniture | Untreated Wooden Tables & Furniture

Features & Benefits

All-in-one coating, nourishes and protects wood & timber.
Creates a barrier against staining.
Extremely hydrophobic – water beads away.
Protects against UV, salt water, sunscreens, liquids.
Reduces cleaning and maintenance time and money.
Postpones acid / alkaline deck scrubbing, saving time, money & your decks !
Anti-Microbial Agent – guards against microorganism colonies*.
Enhances the natural timber colour – leaves a natural, clear wet look finish.
Exceptional coverage rate – over 40 sq metres per litre.
More than one year of protection.
*EPA Reg. No. 83019-1


For further information including ASTM Test Battery Results and application methods please download from the choice below.