Rokoat RPX3000 series is the market leader in ceramic protective coatings. Resistant to chemicals, it protects against corrosion and leaves a slick, glass-like finish. 

RPX3000 series is weather, UV, chemical, salt and abrasion resistant, once applied it provides an almost indestructible finish.

Perfect for protecting paintwork and varnished surfaces on cars, yachts & aeroplanes.

Scratch Resistant | Chemical Resistant | UV & Weather Resistant | Easy Clean & Maintenance

Product Range

  • Rokoat RPX3000 AutoOne
  • Rokoat RPX3000 MarineOne
  • Rokoat RPX3000 Ultra 20

The RPX3000 Series of Products from Rokoat

Explore the full range of RPX3000 Series Products available from Rokoat Protective Coatings.


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