Where are Rokoat Protective Coatings based ?

Rokoat Protective Coatings is based on the French Riviera but service all of the main Mediterranean ports. However we are mobile with teams able to work all across Europe.

Are Rokoat products only for professionals ?

No. Not all of our products are professional use, we have many designed for use by anybody in the car, home, yacht or office.

I have heard some mixed reports about ceramic protective coatings. Why is Rokoat different ?

At Rokoat we have a range of products each with specific and unique abilities depending on the surface and job they are meant to do. Not all of our coatings are ceramic also, the ones that are, are specialist products and by either following carefully our user guides or ensuring a certified applicator applies there should be no problems. Remember, as with most things, the key to success it professionalism and preparation.

I’m interested in using Rokoat WoodGuard for my yacht’s decking but am a little concerned with the price. It seems quite expensive, is this correct ?

As with many things we need to apply some simple calculations to see if this really is the case. Firstly 1L of WoodGuard will protect over 40 square metres. A little goes a long way and in fact more protection is derived from multiple thin applications rather than 1 thick one. Secondly, the features of WoodGuard mean in the long term you’ll find yourself spending less on maintenance. WoodGuard does not affect Sikaflex and other caulking products meaning application is simple, also with a least a year of protection, regular scrubbing with 2 part cleaners is not required. This saves large amounts of money – let alone time and the negative affects these products have on other surfaces on your yacht. Finally WoodGuard works where others do not. Do the calculations and try the product, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Should I wash surfaces with Rokoat PolyWash before applying another Rokoat product like MultiProtect or MultiProtect Extreme ?

No. Rokoat PolyWash contains ceramic polymers which means it will create a low-level non-stick surface. PolyWash should be used only as a way of maintaining an already Rokoat treated surface.

I’m thinking of repainting our yacht next time we’re in the shipyard. Is there anything Rokoat can do?

Rokoat Yacht Paint & Protect specialise in this exact moment. Contact us to arrange an obligation free assessment of the condition of your yacht’s paint. From there we’ll either recommend restoring the paint job (which will extend the life and cost a fraction of repainting) or if it is too far gone we’ll recommend repainting. 

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