Rokoat’s advanced chemistry helps global offshore & mining companies reduce the burden of maintenance downtime.

Using the right mix of incredible Rokoat products, downtime and maintenance costs can be drastically reduced ensuring production and output keeps flowing. TechShield Rust & Abrasion Control for example, with a Shorehardness rating of 97, remains flexible under extreme conditions meaning essential components keep running for longer.

Heat Reduction | Insulation | Abrasion Control | Rust Inhibition | Water Proofing | UV Resistance | Chemical Resistance | Scratch Resistance


"TechShield Rust & Abrasion Control water proof and has a Shore A Hardness level of 97, whilst keeping flexibility down to -69ÂșC"

ASTM Test Results
D-2240, E 96

Rokoat Products for the Offshore & Mining Industries

Explore the full range of Incredible Products for the Offshore & Mining Industries available from Rokoat Protective Coatings.

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