Touch of Perfection – Strategic Partner of ROKOAT – Due to the extensive knowledge and experience of Marine paint and varnish systems and techniques, TOUCH OF PERFECTION are able to provide their clients with the ultimate high quality service catering to each clients individual needs and timescale, on classic yachts, sailing yachts, racing yachts, superyachts and mega yachts ranging from 6 metres to 70 metres plus.

TOUCH OF PERFECTION pride themselves on working closely with all the top paint and varnish coating suppliers ensuring an up to date solution for their clients, they also work closely with marine surveyors, project managers and ship yards. These close partnerships ensure an efficient, high quality finished product.

TOUCH OF PERFECTION’s unique partnership with ROKOAT Protective Coatings allows them to tailor a specific solution to each of the problems the Marine industry are presented with on a daily basis. TOUCH OF PERFECTION are the soul distributions for Europe for ROKOAT and have a close relationship with the chemists who work with us to formulate a tailor made protective coating solution for each client.

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