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ROKOAT TechShield Rust & Abrasion Control is an epoxy resin polyamide coating specifically developed to withstand extreme corrosive and abrasive conditions, which quickly destroy conventional protective coatings.

Originally developed to prevent corrosion to steel surfaces, the chemical, abrasion and under creep resistance characteristics of this product have proven so outstanding that it is rated one of the most cost effective methods in corrosion prevention.

Almost indestructible, the original formula has been in use for over 40 years in applications as diverse as offshore oil & gas platforms, construction and subway systems.

ROKOAT TechShield Rust & Abrasion Control is weather, UV, chemical, salt and abrasion resistant providing a nearly indestructible coating surface.

ROKOAT TechShield Rust & Abrasion Control requires little surface preparation and no primer, which reduces labour and the TOTAL cost of your project.

Typical Applications

Marine environments, structural steel, industrial flooring, welding repairs, scaffolding, automotive industry, truck beds, tanks, pipes, industrial and farm equipment, lawn mowers, snow ploughs, air conditioner parts, concrete floors and walls, stairs, steps, railings, walls and ceilings of subways and any other metal surface.

  • Very little preparation required for rust affected metal.
  • Water Proof – incredible impermeability – designed for submerged marine environments.
  • UV, weather, chemical, salt and abrasion resistant.
  • Outdoor durability and colour stability is excellent.
  • Extreme adhesion to substrate, adhering to almost any clean surface including: aluminium, wood, metals of all types, plastic, brick, glass, transites (plastics) & concrete.
  • Offers a protective surface which is extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Can be top-coated with ROKOAT RPX 3000.
  • Contains no zinc, lead or chromates.
  • High strength and flexibility for extreme expansive and contraction conditions – prevents cracking.
  • ASTM B117 500 hour Salt fog test –Passed.
  • ASTM D-2240 Hardness 97 Shore Durometer.
  • ASTM E108-91A UBC32-7 Class A Fire Rated.
  • ASTM D-638 Tensile Strength 3850 PSI.
  • ASTM E-96 Water Vapour Transmission 0.372 perms.
  • ASTM G-53 500 hour accelerated weathering test, bend double with no cracking, highly flexible.
  • ASTM 1640, D-92, D-1644A, D-2196, D-696, D-570, C-836, D-1652, D-1259 Flexibility is retained in sub–zero conditions (down to –92°F)

Professional Use Product Only

Refer to application guide or contact Rokoat Technical Support.


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