The Problem

After 5 years the paintwork on MY Crazy Me was suffering from the usual issues of wear and tear.

The paint, now being more porous, was more difficult to clean with particular staining issues rear of the exhausts. Standard cleaning products weren’t up to the job and the crew were investigating a new paint job.

“Our plan was to repaint at our next refit.”

The Solution

Rokoat offered a 2 stage solution of cut and polishing the paint restoring its lustre and then protecting with Rokoat’s RPX3000 series.

The Result

After a season the captain has reported the Rokoat solution being very effective.

The paint was restored to a high shine and the RPX 3000 protection enables simple cleaning.

“Our paintwork is a lot easier to clean & maintain with merely the use of Rokoat’s PolyWash and a brush !”

Julian Carnevale

Captain, MY Crazy Me