The Problem

MY Crazy Me’s captain had tried numerous times to solve to problem of fading paint work on the yacht’s main gel-coat pool surface.

Specialist pool paints weren’t providing the longevity required. The surface cracked and oxidised quickly in the fierce Mediterranean sun.

“Our pool never looked as good as we knew it could. It was a constant talking point with our owner.”

The Solution

Using his 25 years of paint and surface protection experience, Wayne and the team at Rokoat not only sourced the correct paint but restored the surface.

Rokoat then applied its SecuraKoat WetGrip non-slip coating to floors, steps and seating providing safety without the grainy finish and RPX 3000 Ultra to the walls for easy cleaning and UV protection.

The Result

The surface colour is holding with no fading being reported.

Importantly also captain and crew have reported positive feedback on the non-slip surface.

“We are very satisfied with the Rokoat solution. We will be investigating further projects with the team.”

Julian Carnevale

Captain, MY Crazy Me

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