RPX3000 – MY 5G

The Problem

It was becoming progressively harder to maintain a hull free from soot and exhaust stains for the crew of MY 5G.

The crew were searching for a solution that would protect the painted hull surfaces aft of the exhausts plus resist minor fender scuffing.

“Soot and exhaust stains were so difficult to clean and remove.”


The Solution

Rokoat offered its Professional use RPX 3000 surface protection solution.

Rokoat’s team of professionals cleaned and removed all staining, polished and renewed the paintwork and then applied RPX3000 Series products for protection and ease of maintenance.

The Result

The captain has reported that after two years the coating is as new and has made cleaning and maintenance easy for the crew.

The superior ultra smooth, non-stick finish of RPX3000 means the paintwork washes easily and with minimal effort.

“I am really happy with the product and fully recommend Wayne and Rokoat Protective Coatings.”
Robin Cowie

Captain, MY 5G


Rokoat LVT

Leather, Vinyl & Tender Protection

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