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Rokoat Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Spray is an easy to apply, non-toxic, rinse free formulation that can be applied to any surface for a long term anti-microbial barrier+.

It contains a broad spectrum disinfectant, that kills viruses like human corona viruses, HIV, HBV, HGV and many others. The antimicrobial formulation helps to lower the bio-burden and continuously protects treated surfaces from the colonization of viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi for as long as the coating remains intact on the treated surface*. Rokoat Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Surface Spray also contains a food-safe, black-light detectable optical brightener which displays if the coating is still present on the surface. Spray with a generic trigger sprayer, garden sprayer or back pack sprayer, the coating dries quickly and is non-toxic to humans and pets when used and applied as directed.

+EPA Reg. No. 83019-1 / EPA Reg. No. 61178-5

*Depending on use and cleaning practices, high abrasive walkways or cleaning environments such as hospitals and kitchens will require more frequent applications.

Paint | Glass | Mirrors | Marble | Brushed Metal | Stainless Steel | Varnished Timber | Floors | Carpet | Fabrics | Plastic | Hospitals | Hotels | SuperMarkets | Cars | Boats | Homes | Workplaces

"Creates a mechanical barrier against microbial colonies rather than a chemical one."

Wayne Berry, CEO & Technical Director, Rokoat Protective Coatings

Features & Benefits

Easy to use – Spray on any surface.
Non-toxic to humans and pets.
Kills germs and viruses.
Up to 90 days of protection.
Black-light detectable optical brightener included.
EPA Registered (Number 83019-1)
Leaves an invisible, protective film on the surface.



For further information including ASTM Test Battery Results and application methods please download from the choice below.