Rokoat MultiProtect AM is a unique easy to use wipe on, wipe off, semi-permanent coating, which can be used on a wide range of surfaces including paint, varnish, marble, glass, gelcoat and stainless steel.

The revolutionary formula of this product fills in the microscopic pores and imperfections on the surface, sealing it and creating a super-slick finish.

Paint | Glass | Mirrors | Marble | Brushed Metal | Stainless Steel | Varnished Timber | Cars | Boats | Homes | Workplaces

Features & Benefits

Easy to use – Wipe on, Wipe off.
ECO Friendly – Causes no harm to marine life.
Natural polymer, semi-permanent can be used on just about any smooth surface. 
3 month protection from stains, & UV.
Leaves an invisible, additional, protective natural ceramic polymer film on the surface.
Reduces cleaning time & chemical usage.
Enhances the finish on surfaces such as gel coat, paint, stainless steel, varnish and many more.


For further information including ASTM Test Battery Results and application methods please download from the choice below.

The Retail Range of Products from Rokoat

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