ROKOAT RPX 3000 AutoOne ceramic coating provides chemical & scratch resistance, corrosion protection and a super-smooth glass like non-stick surface.

 It has been specifically developed by ROKOAT’s laboratories to withstand extreme corrosive and abrasive conditions that can quickly destroy conventional paint protective coatings. Designed as a ‘once a year’ coating, outdoor durability and colour stability are excellent.  ROKOAT RPX 3000 AutoOne is weather, UV, chemical, salt and abrasion resistant. 

All Types of Vehicles | Cars | Motorbikes | Trucks | Lorries | Trains | Buses | Trams

Features & Benefits

Super slick glass like surface.
Designed especially for the auto industry.
UV, weather, chemical, salt and abrasion resistant.
Extreme adhesion to substrate, adhering to almost any clean paint surface.
Provides ultra-durable surface.
Incredible 1μm thickness.
Contains no zinc, lead or chromates.
Resists stone chips, tree sap, insect and bird residues.
Easy to clean.
1 year of protection.
9H hardness.


For further information including ASTM Test Battery Results and application methods please download from the choice below.

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