Rokoat SecuraKoat WetGrip is a unique formula created for surfaces that require a non-slip coating which is smooth to the touch when dry.

This product provides a transparent satin finish and can be used on multiple surfaces. SecuraKoat WetGrip leaves a smooth finish that does not detract from the visual appearance of the original surface when dry however, when any moisture settles on the surface it offers a non-slip resistance. 

SecuraKoat WetGrip is available in 4 varieties of grip ; smooth, fine, medium and course.

Jacuzzi & Swimming Pool Steps & Floors | Shower Bases & Baths | Bathroom & Kitchen Floors | Engine Rooms | Hotel Foyers & Lobeys | Supermarket Floors | Workshops & Offices

"SecuraKoat WetGrip is water resistant, securing pool & jaccuzi steps all year round."

Wayne Berry, CEO & Technical Director, Rokoat Protective Coatings

Features & Benefits

  • Four varieties of grip available; smooth, fine, medium and coarse. 
  • Smooth to the touch when dry and non-slip when any moisture sits on the coated surface.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Satin finish, allowing easy identification of the coated surface.
  • Up to 2 years protection.


For further information including ASTM Test Battery Results and application methods please download from the choice below.

The SecuraKoat Range from Rokoat

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