ROKOAT TechShield Bonding Primer is a high performance, single component adhesion promoter/primer, which can also used for high temperature applications.

Simple to apply, ROKOAT TechShield Bonding Primer will provide added adhesion through a covalent bond to questionable surfaces (porcelain, silicone, rubber) or when looking to apply other ROKOAT products or paints.

Paints | Rokoat Products | Metals (aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, metal oxides) | Plastics | Rubber | Silicone | Use on a variety of surfaces where ROKOAT products are to be applied | Can be used as an intra-coat enabling more than application of ROKOAT products for extra protection.

Features & Benefits

Enables adhesion to almost any surface substrate.
Allows all ROKOAT products to bond to almost any surface.
Quick drying formula.
Permits more than one coat of ROKOAT products to be applied increasing the durability of the surface.
Compatible with all ROKOAT products.
Withstands temperatures of up to 648.8°C (1200°F)


For further information including ASTM Test Battery Results and application methods please download from the choice below.

The TechShield Range from Rokoat

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