Paint chips and minor scratches are a thing of the past with Rokoat AutoCare’s exclusive surface protection for cars.

Using a mix of Rokoat RPX 3000 series products, we apply a rock hard, invisible protective coating that repels dirt, water, insects and bird droppings. It is also UV, petrol, oil and chemical resistant. With over 10 years experience in automotive and car detailing, Rokoat AutoCare’s full service also includes a hydrophobic window coating, full leather and vinyl protection, we also specialize in chrome finishes. Rokoat AutoCare will protect your new car, or we can restore and then protect your much-loved older vehicle.

We also apply PPF to vehicles. PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a transparent film with self-healing properties that is applied to a car bodywork to protect it from scratches and small dents.

Paint Surfaces | Glass | Leather and Vinyl | Wheel Repairs | Tyres | Chrome


Service Features

Full service, ultimate auto protection
30 years of experience
Eliminate paint chips and scratches
PPF (Paint Protection Film) Applicators
Keep the ‘new car’ sparkle
Leather and vinyl protection
Glass protection available
Exclusive Rokoat RPX 3000 applicators

"I was thoroughly impressed with the end result. Marc was able to remove some annoying scuff marks out of the paintwork and protect the car with AutoOne. Nothing sticks, it so easy to clean. Great job boys!"

Andrew B.


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