As a direct response to the heightened global COVID-19 situation, Rokoat can announce the development of products containing the BIOSAFE® ‘Anti-Microbial’ agent.

Available in a new product ‘Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Surface Spray’ and as an additive to other well known Rokoat products such as MultiProtect Extreme and RPX3000 Ultra 20, the BIOSAFE® acts as a mechanical barrier that lowers the bio-burden of surfaces.

In plain speaking terms it limits the colonisation abilities of viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi on surfaces without the use of chemicals.

As with all Rokoat products it has been developed to push the boundaries meaning that the spray, which can be apply to any surface (carpets and fabrics included) and is non-hazardous to humans and pets, will last for up 90 days depending on use.

When included in MultiProtect and RPX3000, BIOSAFE® is there for the lifetime of the coating.

For added security Rokoat has added a food safe optical brightener which shows under black light meaning users can safely and quickly check if the coatings is still intact.

“When our lab suggested this additive to us we knew quickly that this would be a natural extension to our products that our clients would value.” Says Wayne Berry, CEO Rokoat Protective Solutions.

“There is an obvious need now, for sure, however we believe there will be a continued requirement for the abilities this additive provides.”

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