RPX3000 AutoOne – Pushing the Boundaries of AutoCare Possibilities

After many months of testing Rokoat has officially released into market its newest member of the RPX3000 series – AutoOne.

At an incredibly thin 1 micrometre thickness and super-tough 9H hardness, RPX3000 AutoOne protects paintwork from UV, chemicals and day to day abrasion. It is also super slippery meaning cleaning is a breeze as almost nothing can adhere to the surface.

“Its incredible to see the results.” says Marc Odier, head of applications with Rokoat. “We’ve tested for so long now and to have the ability to offer this product to our clients is really exciting. It protects paintwork for sure but for me the most important thing is the shine that we can deliver.”

Watch RPX3000 AutoOne Testing

The testing was conducted on black paintwork using a cutting knife with the blade removed.

RPX3000 AutoOne has a sister product MarineOne specifically designed to withstand the added pressures of marine life. For more information on RPX3000 AutoOne & MarineOne contact Rokoat directly here.