ROKOAT TechShield Impermeable Insulation coating is a unique, ultimate performance insulation, corrosion, sound and moisture protection coating. ROKOAT TechShield Impermeable Insulation is an epoxy ceramic based coating that is impervious to heat, cold, sound and water providing extreme insulation.

Applied correctly, ROKOAT TechShield Impermeable Insulation protects against damage from standing water and can remain under water permanently.

The product maintains its flexibility, which prevents surface cracking. Particularly easy to use with long pot life, this remarkable product offers high insulation, high reflectivity, high emissivity, encapsulates and reduces friability of virtually all roof and construction material (including asbestos).

ROKOAT TechShield Impermeable Insulation is chemically inert and withstands acids, alkalis, animal fats, grease and oils.

Typical Applications

Roofs, ship hulls, ceilings, metal buildings, ducts, concrete walls, basements, piping, domestic & industrial insulation.

Can be applied directly over surface rust and directly to all metals, PVC, concrete, EPDM and cap sheets. The coating can also be applied to wood, stucco, sheet-rock, and virtually any substrate.

Not recommended for – Teflon, high-plasticized vinyl’s, polyethylene*, and silicone rubber.

* Can be applied to polyethylene with the use of ROKOAT TechShield Bonding Primer.

ROKOAT TechShield Impermeable Insulation coating can be applied to a dry or wet surface (apply in the rain if required). Adheres to practically all surfaces, including EPDM, with remarkable flexibility.

  • Very high insulation capacity – Conduction, Radiation & Convection heat sources.
  • Insulates and retains flexibility at temperatures from -69°C to 454°C.
  • At 254 μm (0.25 mm) thickness the K value is 0.002 WmK or an equivalent R value greater than 30.
  • Does not just REFLECT but INSULATES.
  • Surface can become dirty and not lose its insulation values.
  • Water Proof – can be applied over wet surface and remain under water.
  • Class A Fire Rated.
  • Very little preparation required.
  • Apply directly over surface rust (not rust peaks).
  • Protect against heat and cold extremes, mildew, alkali, UV, oils and grease.
  • UV, Weather, Chemical, Salt and Abrasion Resistant.
  • Extreme adhesion to substrate. Extremely durability and flexibility – withstands hail of up to 6cm moving at 225kph.
  • Reduces thermal shock in roofs.
  • No top-coat necessary however, further coats can improve characteristic values.
  • Contains no zinc, lead or chromates.
  • ASTM B117 500 hour Salt fog test – Passed.
  • ASTM 518 Thermal Conductance 2.61 BTU/ (h) (ft2) (F) Excellent.
  • ASTM 518 Thermal Conductivity 0.0139 Btu(in)/(h)(ft2)(F), metric 0.002 w/m/K – Excellent.
  • ASTM D-2240 Hardness 85 Shore Durometer.
  • ASTM E108-91A UBC32-7 Class A Fire Rated.
  • ASTM E 84 Class A Fire Rated.
  • ASTM D-638 Tensile Strength 1393 PSI.
  • ASTM E-96 Water Vapour Transmission 0.7 perms.
  • ASTM G-53 500 hour accelerated weathering test, bend double with no cracking, highly flexible.
  • ASTM 1640, D-92, D-1644A, D-2196, D-696, D-570, C-836, D-1652, D-1259 Flexibility is retained in sub–zero conditions (down to -92°F).
Traditional Thermal Insulation
Thermal Performance per ASTM C-177, C-518 and / or C976
Thickness Tested = 1 inch (254mm)
Material Average R-Value / Inch K-Value / Inch
Fibreglass (batt) 3.2 0.3125
Mineral Wool (batt) 3.4 0.2941
XPS Styrofoam Board 3.4 0.2941
Cellulose Blown (Attic) 3.7 0.2703
Open Cell Spray Foam 3.7 0.2703
EPS Styrofoam Board 3.8 0.2632
Cellulose Blown (Wall) 3.9 0.2564
Mineral Wool Blown (Attic) 4 0.2500
Mineral Wool Blown (Wall) 4 0.2500
Fibreglass Blown (Attic) 4.3 0.2326
Fibreglass Blown (Wall) 4.3 0.2326
Polyurethane Board 6.5 0.1538
Closed Cell Spray Foam 6.8 0.1471
Polyisocyanurate (Foil-Faced) 8 0.1250
TechShield Impermeable Insulation >30 / 0.01 Inch 0.0139 / 0.01 Inch

Professional Use Product Only

Refer to application guide or contact Rokoat Technical Support.


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Download White Paper – Understanding Insulation

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