Yacht Brush Painting – A Perfect Glass Finish

Brush Painting – 50% more Environmentally friendly, 30% cheaper than Spray Painting

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Rokoat SecuraKoat ClearGlass

To be confident that our products are as good as we say, we tested the SecuraKoat ClearGlass on a wet Riviera day. The left hand of the windscreen shows the coated area, and right right hand side, the uncoated - the results are clear to see.

Watch ROKOAT MultiProtect Extreme in Action

ROKOAT MultiProtect Extreme is an incredible long lasting alternative to traditional waxes. With reflective qualities up to three times higher than a wax, ROKOAT MultiProtect Extreme leaves smooth paint surfaces with a super- slick, non‐stick, high gloss, mirror like...

Why choose to brush paint your yacht?

Black is usually a difficult colour to brush paint on a yacht - our team's reputation as one of Europe's best brush painters are bringing in more Superyacht clients than ever before. Why choose to brush paint your yacht: A glassy mirror finish thats second to none...

Spray painting on a 50m Superyacht

Rokoat recently undertook a spray painting project on a 50m Superyacht. The necessary preparation was put in place to protect windows, wood and other non-treatable surfaces. Classic yachts, sailing yachts, racing yachts, super yachts and mega yachts, from 6m to 156m,...

Brush Painting on a 101m Superyacht

Rokoat were hired to brush paint a 101m Superyacht. Brush painting is not only quicker than spray painting, but it is 50% more environmentally friendly & 30% cheaper.

Reduce your maintenance costs and help the environment

Reduce your maintenance costs and help the environment Rokoat are helping their clients heading into 2023 by reducing their maintenance costs and carbon footprint. No need to haul the yacht out of the water or hire an expensive tent when painting...

Yacht Brush Painting – A Glass Finish

Yacht Brush Painting - A Glass Finish Our yacht brush painting techniques not only save you money, but also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the use of plastic. This 90m Superyacht was taken care of in Barcelona by our Rokoat team in 2022....

Rokoat LVT - Leather, Vinyl & Tender Protection

A 3 in 1 product that RESTORES, CLEANS & PROTECTS all types of leather, faux leather, vinyl and even yacht tenders. Rokoat LVT protects against staining, marking and harsh UV rays. Use in your car, at home, on your yacht, protect clothes & footwear, bags and furniture.

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