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Rokoat’s lab develops long lasting Anti-Microbial Disinfectant surface spray

As a direct response to the heightened global COVID-19 situation, Rokoat can announce the development of products containing the BIOSAFEĀ® 'Anti-Microbial' agent. Available in a new product 'Anti-Microbial Disinfectant Surface Spray' and as an additive to other well...

Let it Shine – OnBoard Magazine

Rokoat Protective Coatings were featured in OnBoard Magazine October 2017 discussing our methods for unique and difficult surface protection alternatives. Read the article here.

Rokoat’s launches RPX3000 AutoOne

RPX3000 AutoOne - Pushing the Boundaries of AutoCare Possibilities After many months of testing Rokoat has officially released into market its newest member of the RPX3000 series - AutoOne. At an incredibly thin 1 micrometre thickness and super-tough 9H hardness,...

Rokoat LVT - Leather, Vinyl & Tender Protection

A 3 in 1 product that RESTORES, CLEANS & PROTECTS all types of leather, faux leather, vinyl and even yacht tenders. Rokoat LVT protects against staining, marking and harsh UV rays. Use in your car, at home, on your yacht, protect clothes & footwear, bags and furniture.

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