The Problem

MY Bin Roudhan, a Sunseeker Preditor 84 Sport, is crewed by a tight team of three.

They were spending huge amounts of time and effort, post and pre charter, cleaning and removing calcium and salt from the boat’s large amount of windows and port holes. The owner also hated the smell of white vinegar meaning the crew were limited in what kind of cleaning products they could use.

“We spent so much time cleaning windows both before and after charter.”


The Solution

Rokoat permanently treated all glass surfaces (except the bridge) with SecuraKoat ClearGlass.

All exterior glass surfaces were cleaned, repaired and prepared in a perfect condition to receive the SecuraKoat ClearGlass product.

The Result

During the first season the crew found the time for their daily prep and clean down was halved.

The hydrophobic nature of Rokoat’s solution meant the port lights were cleaner longer and the fact only water was needed to clean meant no nasty chemical smells lingered affecting the boat’s guests. .

“One year since our treatment, calcium and salt still just comes off easily. Nothing adheres to the glass. Shorter timeframes for achieving a great presentation means our team can focus on guest requirements rather than cleaning windows.”

James Richardson

Captain, MY Bin Roudhan


Rokoat LVT

Leather, Vinyl & Tender Protection

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